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Here you can download documentation related to the products we sell. Most documents are in Adobe® Acrobat format. If you do not have the Adobe® Acrobat Reader, please download it for free from HERE.

Credit Card Sales Authorization Form

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SS15 Technical Specifications

SS20 Technical Specifications

SS40 Technical Specifications

Ornamental Square Tubing

Section Properties for Square and Rectangular Tubes

Steel Tubing Weight Per Foot Specifications

Concertina, Razor Ribbon, Razor Wire

Razor Ribbon Products

Razor Ribbon® Helical

Razor Wire Concertina Specifications

Razor Wire Flatwrap Specifications

Razor Wire Specifications

Razor Wire Typical Installations

Maze® Double Coil

Maze® Reinforced Concertina

Supermaze® Reinforced Concertina

Barbed Tape Instabarrier

Barbed Tape Minimum Security Design    

Barbed Tape Medium Security Design

Barbed Tape Maximum Security Design

Barbed Tape High Maximum Security Design

Barbed Tape Super Maximum Security Design

Barbed Tape Industrial and Commercial Design

Barbed Tape (Installation Instructions)

Barbed Tape (Standard Fence Applications)

Barbed Tape (Top of Fence Details)

Barbed Tape (Top of the Fence Installation)

Barbed Tape (Side and Bottom of Fence Installation)

Barbed Tape (Double Swing Gate)

Barbed Tape (“V” Arm Installation)

Barbed Tape (45 Degrees Arm Installation)

Barbed Tape (Corner Brace Assembly)

Wall Spikes & Razor Spikes 

Razor Spikes Brochure

Wall Spikes Brochure

Electric Fences

Electric Fencers and Accessories

Solar-Pak Electric Fencers Brochure

Stockmaster Stock Prod